I’m a passionate learner, deep feeler, loud laugher and lover of all the beauty this life has to offer. I began the work of healing from childhood abuse over 20 years ago. During that time I’ve learned a lot regarding mental health, wellbeing and how to heal. In March of 2020 I became seriously ill with COVID and subsequently developed severe Long COVID, along with my two young children. I have and continue to guide myself through CPTSD and myself and my children through Long COVID. I hope to use my experiences to help and support others toward healing as well.

In addition to what I have learned on my personal journey, I’ve also extensively pursued education through reading and attending many trainings and workshops over the past 2 decades. I see my role as a helper and guide. My desire is to offer you the support you need at any given time. Whether you need emotional support, transference of information, help making a plan or accountability, I will be there to help you.

I hope that in sharing my experience and thoughts, I can help to de-stigmatize talking about trauma, abuse, mental illness, chronic illness and mental health in general. I also hope to light a lantern of hope by letting others know that they are not alone in their suffering, and that we can have a wonderful, beautiful, and meaningful life. In areas of struggle we are able to experience increased healing and for those things we are not able to change, there are many options for support. For example, we may not be able to change the physical experience of pain but we can provide support in order to relieve the suffering. I care a lot about people. I am heartbroken by how much we can hurt each other during our short period here on earth. We live in a culture that historically supports people being isolated in their pain and ugliness, but we can also choose to share our stories and connect. I’m hopeful in our ability to heal and desperate for more people’s willingness to do the vulnerable work to address mental illness and pursue mental health. When we engage in the work of healing, our eyes are opened, bit by bit, to the full dimensions of humanity.

I look forward to coming alongside you on your journey.