Your Farm in the City

by Lisa Taylor

Back when I lived in Seattle, I applied for an internship at Seattle Tilth. When I was chosen as one of the interns I was so excited. Then, shortly after accepting it, I had to turn it down. Still, in that very short period of time in the garden around Lisa Taylor and her co-gardeners I learned information that continues to influence my garden. Lisa knows so much, yet, has a wonderful way of making all that information accessible to a wide range of people. Your Farm in the City is a great because of her ability to pass along a lot of useful information in a relaxing way. It’s also very helpful because Lisa’s experience is gardening in the city and so understands that limited space and light needs to be factored in.

The book covers:

  • Planning your garden
  • Building healthy soil
  • Options for where you grow your garden: raised beds, containers and vertical planting
  • Seed starting
  • Guides you through the how-to’s of growing an assortment of fruits and veggies
  • What to do with pests
  • Making the most of your harvest
  • Urban Farm Animals